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WriteUp vs. Scripted

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Comparing WriteUp vs. Scripted? Both platforms offer top-notch content, but the membership options and overall approach differ greatly. Here’s what you should know about each of these popular content solutions.

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Are you still learning the ropes of content and SEO? We encourage you to read our primer posts, first, like “Why Your Business Needs Content” and “Freelance Writers vs. Writing Platforms”. In this article, we’ll skip all the basics and focus solely on an in-depth comparison between Scripted and WriteUp, two of the biggest content writing platforms on the market. 

WriteUp vs. Scripted Overview

WriteUp and Scripted are easily two of the most popular content writing solutions out there, particularly for companies with mid- to high-volume content needs. Neither is exactly suitable for occasional content needs since both take a monthly service fee approach. However, if you have consistent content needs, you really can’t go wrong with either.

Choosing between WriteUp and Scripted ultimately comes down to the features you want. Here’s a quick side-by-side overview before we dig deeper into how these two platforms stand apart. 


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Finding an Expert Writer

No matter where you’re getting your content, it can only be as good as the writer behind it. So, here’s a closer look at how WriteUp and Scripted choose the writers who get to work on these platform. 

How WriteUp Selects Writers

WriteUp prioritizes steady work and fair pay for its existing writers, so we only accept applications when the demand for content begins to reach about 70% of our active writers’ capacity. When applications do open up, we have a rigorous review process.

Less than 1% of writers who apply to WriteUp get accepted and this is due to strict quality standards. To be accepted, writers must:

  • Have at least two years of professional writing experience. 
  • Explain their methods of researching topics and citing sources.
  • Understand the best practices of keyword optimization. 
  • Demonstrate flexibility in the tone and formality of their writing. 
  • Prove they can create engaging content with proper grammar.
  • Be a resident of the United States or Canada. 

If WriteUp likes a writer’s application, that writer will go through the writer onboarding process where they are introduced to WriteUp’s standards and given test projects that they must handle properly before they are able to work on the projects of actual clients. 

How Scripted Selects Writers

Scripted takes a similar application-based approach to selecting new writers. Applications are only open during certain times. To be accepted to Scripted, writers must:

  • Pay the application fee, which is typically $50. 
  • Have professional experience in the writing industry. 
  • Demonstrate their ability to produce error-free content. 
  • Be a resident of Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, or the United States.

Scripted says less than 7% of writers who apply ultimately get accepted into the platform. Once accepted, a writer can begin producing content for Scripted clients right away. 

Platform Features

Scripted and WriteUp both offer clients access to professional writers who will produce content that meets their needs. However, WriteUp doesn’t just offer content. Here’s a closer look at how the offerings of these two platforms differ. 

WriteUp's Best Features & Services

Like Scripted, WriteUp charges you a monthly fee. Unlike Scripted, WriteUp allows you to pick and choose services so you get more bang for your buck. 

Becoming a client on WriteUp is easy. Start by building your ideal subscription and selecting the services you need. Available services include content planning, content optimization, performance monitoring, and Content Refreshers.™ 


We’ll plan a complete content calendar for you, across all of the platforms you publish on. 


Your writers will optimize your content for search engines. You’ll get a full report for every piece of content.


We’ll track the performance of your content across your website and other platforms.

Content Refreshers™

Don’t let your content decay. We’ll update your aging content to improve accuracy and performance.

Scripted's Best Features & Services

While WriteUp lets you add and remove a variety of services to maximize the performance of your content, Scripted sticks to one thing: actually writing. it. This is ideal if you just want a simple and straightforward solution because you already have your keywords, titles, and SEO figured out by other means.

Scripted does advertise some services, like SEO monitoring, though they don’t disclose what these services consist of and whether it’s strictly for the content Scripted creates on your behalf or for all of your brand’s content. These services are also limited to the Premium plan (starting at $349/month) and Cruise Control plan (starting at $1,299/month).


Premium and Cruise Control plans include free blog ideas and help planning your content.

Other Services

Scripted dubs all of its content “SEO-friendly,” though they don’t go into specifics. 


Scripted offers Content Tune-Ups, which is a similar solution to our Content Refreshers.™

Membership Plans and Pricing

The approach to membership plans and pricing is one of the primary areas where Scripted and WriteUp differ. Here’s a closer look.

WriteUp's Plans and Pricing

With WriteUp, you don’t have to mold your needs to fit a pre-built plan. Instead, every user gets to build their own custom subscription that perfectly suits their needs. With WriteUp, you can add and remove services as needed.
Slider w/o content v1

Build Your Custom Plan

I want my content strategy created and managed for me.
I want my content optimized for better rankings.
I want performance monitoring and reports.
Content Costs on WriteUp

WriteUp makes it easy to estimate how much you’ll spend on content with the handy estimation tool shown above. You’re never committed to a certain number of words and you only pay for content when you request it. Certain services, like content planning, scale with the amount of content you order, making WriteUp cost efficient at every level. 

Without content planning, you’ll average $60 for a 500-word article. With content planning, you’ll average $84 for that article, plus the keywords, title, and outline will be planned for you. If you order over 5,000 words in a given month of your subscription, all additional words will receive a volume discount, making WriteUp very budget-friendly for marketing agencies and large companies. 

Scripted's Plans and Pricing

Like most platforms, Scripted lays out three membership plans that you can choose from, each one tailored to varying content volume requirements.
Self-Service Plans

Scripted has two tiers that they advertise as “self-service,” with the basic plan requiring you to manage everything on your own and the premium plan offering a dedicated account representative, although it’s not disclosed how much that representative is able to help with content ideas or other needs. In either case, you’ll manage your own projects and choose your own writers.

The Basic plan starts at $199/month and the Premium plan starts at $349/month (when paid annually). Neither plan includes the cost of content, although it may include content credits that you can apply toward the cost of content.







High-Volume Plans
Cruise Control is Scripted’s fully-managed plan and it costs $1,299/month (when paid annually). This plan is ideal if you order at least $10,000/month in content. With Cruise Control, your company will enjoy the assistance of a dedicated account representative who will help plan projects and manage writers. 

If you have even higher volume content needs, Scripted has an unpublished Enterprise plan that involves a minimum monthly content commitment of $10,000. They have a similar Agencies plan.

Content Costs on Scripted

Scripted doesn’t disclose how much you’ll pay for your content because they really can’t tell you. Writers on Scripted submit proposals every time you request content and they determine their own pricing.

Scripted does have a floor pricing model to ensure writers always get fair pay. This means a writer cannot quote less than a certain price for their work. In addition, Scripted charges processing and editing fees for every piece of content, though the exact amounts of these fees are not disclosed.

Scripted tells potential writers they’ll earn an average of over 10 cents/word, making a 500-word article at least $50 before the platform’s processing and editing fees. Of course, writers may charge upwards of 12 cents/word, depending on your company, industry, and the details of your project. Scripted does not advertise volume discounts. 

WriteUp vs. Scripted: Making Your Decision

Ultimately, the decision of WriteUp vs. Scripted comes down to your needs. To wrap this article up, let’s look at WriteUp’s offerings and Scripted’s plan options side-by-side. 

Comparing The Basics

If you don’t want any added services and you just want to access the talented writers found on either of these platforms, here’s a comparison of the minimum amount you’d pay each month and what you’ll get. 


Base Service



Basic Plan


When looking at the most basic offerings of WriteUp and Scripted, you’ll see that WriteUp costs $100 less every month. Meanwhile, WriteUp offers a dedicated Project Manager while Scripted does not. Your Project Manager on WriteUp will get to know your brand, create a style guide to provide to writers, and select writers for your content. 

Scripted Premium vs. WriteUp's Custom Options

With WriteUp, you can add and remove services as you choose. For this comparison, we’ve selected both the “Optimize My Content” and “Monitor My Content” services, giving you a monthly rate of $369. Meanwhile, Scripted’s Premium plan comes in at $349. 


Custom Service



Premium Plan


Scripted’s Premium plan does include an “Account Representative,” though they do not disclose what that representative can help with. Only the Cruise Control option is considered “fully-managed” and the Premium plan is marketed as “self-serve” just like the Basic plan.

If you’d like help finding writers and managing projects, WriteUp’s personalized and hands-on approach is the clear winner here. So, what if you want a fully-managed solution? WriteUp can offer that, too.

Plus, WriteUp allows you to opt-in to content planning at any point, even with our basic service that costs $99/mo. Best of all, our content planning service is not charged on a monthly basis, but instead scales with the amount of content you order. It’s just another way we make sure you only pay for what you need.

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